Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam Movie

Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam is an upcoming Malayalam political satire film directed by renowned filmmaker TV Renjith. With a talented cast and an interesting premise, the movie is one of the most anticipated Malayalam films releasing in March 2024. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this movie stand out.

Story and Premise

Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam tells the story of an imaginary government training school called the Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam that aims to train aspiring politicians. The movie is a political satire that aims to humorously critique the corrupt bureaucratic and political establishment.

Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam Subheesh Sudhi Movie

The story follows a group of people with political ambitions who get admitted to this unusual school. The school puts them through various absurd and outlandish tests and training routines to prepare them for real-world politics. Through this funny premise, the movie promises to deliver a scathing commentary on the state of politics, power, and corruption in society.

With Renjith’s experience in political dramas and satires, Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam is likely to have an engaging story and narrative. The movie seems like an intriguing and fresh concept for Malayalam cinema.

Cast and Crew

Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam features a talented cast comprising experienced actors and newcomers:

  • Subheesh Sudhi as the protagonist
  • Shelly Kishore as the female lead
  • Gouri G Kishan
  • Aju Vargheese
  • Vineeth Vasudev
  • Jaffer Idukki
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The film is directed by renowned filmmaker TV Renjith who has made several acclaimed socio-political dramas in the past. His unique satirical style and perspective on politics will be interesting to see in this film. Nizam Rawther has penned the screenplay and dialogues for the movie.

Ansar Shah is the cinematographer while Jithin DK takes charge of editing. The music is by Ajmal Hasbulla with lyrics by Anwar Ali and Vysakh Sugathan. Bhavani Productions has backed the film.

What Makes Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam Special?

Here are some of the highlights that make Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam a promising and unique Malayalam movie:

  • The satirical comedy genre is relatively rare in Malayalam cinema and this movie’s premise presents a fresh perspective.
  • TV Renjith’s experience and unique style of political satire will be interesting to watch. His last satirical film Naayattu was both a critical and commercial success.
  • The movie seems to be a humorous critique on corruption and decay in the political and bureaucratic sphere. The concept is very relevant to contemporary times.
  • The cast combines experienced names like Subheesh along with young talents like Shelly and Gouri. This is likely to resonate well with Malayali audiences.
  • Malayalam cinema has seen an influx of fresh concepts in recent times. Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam adds to that with its novel storyline and narrative format.
  • The film’s promotional material so far indicates humor, satire, and wit – which promises an entertaining watch.
  • Backed by Bhavani Productions, the movie seems to have a good production quality based on the visuals in the trailer.
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What to Expect From Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam

Based on the information available so far, here are some of the elements audiences can expect from Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam:

Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam mallumv

An Engaging Narrative Format

The movie seems to employ an unconventional narrative structure by setting it in a fictional government school. The training routines and activities in the school are likely to drive the film’s satirical commentary and humor. This format will lend itself nicely to Renjith’s brand of satire.

Sharp Political Commentary

Renjith’s previous films like Maheshinte Prathikaaram and Naayattu have made astute observations on society and power dynamics. Given Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam’s concept, the movie will likely contain incisive political satire and critique targeted at influential figures and systems.

Humor and Witty Writing

The trailer and promotional materials point to plenty of humorous scenarios, witty dialogues, and satirical depictions of politicians. The wacky training concepts in the film’s government school premise also promise comedy.

Strong Performances

The cast includes capable actors like Subheesh and Shelly who are likely to deliver strong performances. The supporting cast like Aju Vargheese and Gouri G Kishan are also proven talents.

Slick Production Values

From the visuals in the trailer, the film seems to have good production quality with slick cinematography and graphics work. Backed by Bhavani Productions, the technical aspects look promising.

Release Plans and Expected Hype

Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam is slated for a March 2024 release. The film is expected to generate good hype and buzz closer to release for the following reasons:

  • TV Renjith’s brand value and goodwill after Naayattu’s success
  • The novel and exciting premise indicating a potential sleeper hit
  • Positive early reviews of the trailer by media outlets
  • Strong promotional campaigns on social media and other platforms
  • Subheesh and Shelly’s popularity among Malayali youth audiences
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If the promotional materials continue to generate curiosity, Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam could become one of the most hyped Malayalam movies in the first half of 2024. Given Renjith’s track record, the hype is likely to translate into a worthy theatrical experience.

Early Reviews and Reactions

While full reviews are yet to come out, early reactions to the Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam trailer from media outlets have been largely positive.

Notable media portals like The Cue and Malayalam Cinema Online have called the trailer promising and intriguing. They have appreciated the film’s concept, humor, and production values.

Renjith’s writing has come in for specific praise for its satirical edge. Overall, the early trailer reviews indicate that Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam has the potential to be an entertaining political satire.


With its novel concept, talented cast and an experienced filmmaker like TV Renjith at the helm, Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam has the makings of an exciting political satire. The film promises to deliver a humorous take on corruption and power through an inventive fictional premise.

Backed by promising production values and promotions, the movie is slated to be one of the most anticipated Malayalam releases of 2024. If it lives up to expectations, Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam could very well be the next sleeper hit in Malayalam cinema.

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