Pulimada Movie

Pulimada is the latest directorial effort from A.K. Sajan starring Joju George, Aishwarya Rajesh and Chemban Vinod Jose in pivotal roles. The psychological thriller narrates the story of Vincent, a police constable grappling with past trauma and crumbling wedding plans one fateful night.

Pulimada Movie Details

Movie NamePulimada
Release DateOctober 26, 2023
DirectorA.K. Sajan
CastJoju George, Aishwarya Rajesh, Chemban Vinod Jose

Pulimada Movie Premise and Main Characters

Set in a quiet village adjoining a forest, Pulimada revolves around Vincent, a 40-year-old unmarried police constable played by Joju George. Vincent is desperate to get married but his multiple attempts over the years repeatedly fail due to his disturbing past.

His mother suffered from schizophrenia but was wrongly labeled insane by the villagers. Vincent now worries he may have inherited his mother’s mental health issues. Despite finally arranging a wedding, his bride flees with her lover on the day itself, leaving Vincent fuming.

That same night, Vincent comes across Mahishmati, played by Aishwarya Rajesh, a Tamil tourist stranded in the jungle after her car breaks down. Offering to shelter her for the night, Vincent sees a chance to force himself on her, seeking to fulfill his sexual frustration borne out of the failed nuptials.

Vincent thus exhibits dual characteristics – psychological scars and male entitlement. His actions unfold as a tiger threat looms over the village.

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Pulimada Performances Anchor the Film

Joju George delivers a praiseworthy performance as the complex Vincent, oscillating between childlike vulnerability and explosive rage convincingly. Aishwarya Rajesh portrays Mahishmati with the poise and confidence vital for her character.

Chemban Vinod Jose as Vincent’s friend, Jaffer Idukki as a villager and Balachandra Menon as a psychologist provide strong supporting acts that boost the central narrative.

Slick Technical Finesse, But Predictable Plotting

On the technical front, Pulimada impresses thoroughly. Anil Johnson’s background score elevates the mood effectively while cinematographer Venu Isc captures the jungle’s raw beauty and isolation adeptly. Sajan’s editing is taut, especially in the initial portions.

However, once Aishwarya’s character enters, the plot becomes increasingly predictable. The mystery angle with hallucinations seems familiar and the feel-good climax, simplistic. The tight 110-minute runtime constrains deeper mining of Vincent’s psyche.

While the unique milieu and Joju’s performance hold intrigue early on, the writing disappoints in crafting an intricate thriller. The final twist is easy to see coming and the resolution feels rushed.

Exploring Masculinity and Control

Through Vincent’s character, Sajan touches upon themes like patriarchy, gender politics and the male need for dominance. Vincent wants a wife who will stay at home serving him, contrasted with Mahishmati’s independent spirit.

The night-long rollercoaster makes Vincent understand his problematic mindset, but in a convenient, formulaic manner. The nuances get watered down as Pulimada resorts to a facile message lacking insight.

Vincent’s authoritarian yet damaged persona makes for an engaging protagonist, but the plot does not fully tap into his potential.

How to Download Pulimada Movie in HD

Pulimada is expected to be available for legal download on online streaming platforms after its theatrical run ends.

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To download the movie in HD quality, viewers can:

  • Check platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube after OTT release.
  • Purchase or rent the movie in HD resolution.
  • Download it via the website or app to your preferred device.
  • Enjoy the movie as per applicable license norms.

Refrain from using illegal torrent websites or apps to download the film. It’s advisable to access the movie only through official channels to support the filmmakers.

How to Watch Pulimada Movie Online

After its theatrical run, Pulimada is likely to release on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, SonyLiv, etc.

To watch the movie online, viewers can:

  • Search for Pulimada on the OTT platform after release.
  • Opt for subscription or rental to gain access.
  • Stream the movie in HD quality on website or app.
  • Watch during rental validity or active subscription.

Avoid any unauthorized sources or illegal websites for streaming the movie online.

Pulimada Movie Ticket Discounts and Offers

Here are some potential discounts available for Pulimada:

PaytmGet 25% cashback on 2 tickets
Amazon PayFlat 30% off up to ₹100
Airtel Thanks₹75 off on 2 tickets via Airtel Payments Bank


Pulimada makes for a moderately engaging one-time watch, carried by Joju George’s layered performance and Aishwarya Rajesh’s confident screen presence. Technically accomplished, the film falls short in its writing, getting predictable as the story advances.

While Sajan tries packing much within a tight narrative, the treatment turns simplistic, especially in the climax. Subtler handling could have elicited a more powerful result. Compelling acts outweigh an underwhelming storyline to make Pulimada a passable but unremarkable thriller.

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